San Agustin


Top 5 Tips for Motion Designers

Hey! My name is Christopher San Agustin, and I am Motion Designer based in Portland, Oregon. This is my Top 5 Tips for Motion Designers, enjoy!

Tip #1

Surround yourself with people inspire you.

Inspiration plays such a huge role when it comes to Motion Design, so some of the best advice I can give you is to seek out and find people that inspire you.

If you are like me and work from home, there are still plenty of ways to get out there and meet people doing amazing work. I try to set up one meeting a week or every other week.

The pay off is huge.

Top 5 Tips for Motion Designers

Tip #2

Environment is stronger than will power.

The statement is true! Set up your work environment so that you feel comfortable, inspired, motivated, productive.

Tip #3

Learn how to use a tablet.

I don't know what it is, but since moving to Portland, I've found that most designers and motion designers don't use tablets here. Why???? It drives me crazy! We used to have to fight over them in New York City. But seriously, do yourself a favor, and pick up a tablet. It's great for productivity, and it's nice being able to switch it up between the mouse for different tasks.


Tip #4

Start networking now!

As an introvert, I've always found it hard to network. I often found myself in a big studio, just sitting in the corner alone, afraid to speak to anyone. We've all been there. Talent only gets you so far in this industry, so trust me and do it now.

Top 5 Tips for Motion Designers networking

Tip #5

Lose the expressions.

Are you crazy about expressions? Are your projects filled with expressions linking layers upon layers? Stop it. Stop doing that. No seriously, please stop doing that!

Listen, expressions are cool, I get it, but when your project gets handed over to someone else or revisited a year from now. You won't want expressions driving your project. I know I don't. I know my friends don't.