San Agustin

Dream Often

As the Founder and Creative Director of Broken & Coastal, I get to work on a handful of design projects every year. We teamed up with Austin based cycling company Rothera to design some custom cycling caps for our friends and teammates. The caps were screen printed with white ink on super soft black fabric. The result is a cycling cap that should last a lifetime.

I get excited when friends are working on cool projects. LTRMN is a Portland based Cannabis company that is super forward-thinking and creative.

It is always fun to jump in last minute to help a friend with a cool project. The Leasure League logo design was design and printed in just a matter of days. I love how a quick design exercise can turn into something so cool.

The ISS Trio is a Jazz Improvisation group formed by my father, John San Agustin. Every year they rent out a studio at Fantasy Records in Berkeley, CA and record an album. With the album Fuschia, I wanted to do something special. So I designed, and screen printed the album covers myself in our apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I am never the one to shy away from getting my hands dirty. Hand over that paint!

In 2011 I formed Stay Fed to support my Freelance Design and Animation business in Brooklyn, New York. I worked with a lot of amazing clients, studios, and agencies. What I enjoyed most were these small creative projects that I got to do on the side. Here are a few logos I did over the years. These are still some of my favorite to date.

Here is another excellent example of a creative project I did under the brand Stay Fed. I designed these custom water bottles to give to clients, friends, and family.

When I moved to New York, I began to get fascinated with hand made bags. I'd always dreamed of creating something for the Freelancer, the working-class creative that bounced from studio to studio. So I did it. I designed a bag, had prototypes made in the USA by Texas MFG Bexar Good. I created labels, tested fabrics, refined the design, and learned a lot!

These boards are important to me. When I was getting started as a Motion Designer, I mainly got hired to animate. It took a while to get hired to do more concept and design work. These boards for Kate Perry were one of the first opportunities I got to concept and design for a real client. I love the color and the energy. Thanks, Kate Perry!