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Hi, my name is Christopher San Agustin and I’m a Portland based creative with a passion for the outdoors, technology and the arts.


I grew up in the Bay Area where I spent my youth riding BMX bikes and making punk rock zines. I didn’t know it at the time but those long laborious days spent at the Krishna Copy Center was my first introduction into the world of design.

My curiosity for the arts led me to Brooklyn, New York where I pursued a career in Motion Graphics and Design. I had the privilege of working with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry and developed a deep understanding of the moving image.

Since moving back West, I’ve begun to expand my creativity into other fields of the industry such as Art Direction, Strategy and Marketing. My fascination for developing and expanding my skillset while also maintaining a humble work ethic makes me a personable collaborator for any creative team.


When I am not working I am probably jumping my bike over something...


...or working on Broken & Coastal, an independent cycling magazine I founded in 2013.

Read the latest issue online for free. Seriously, it's pretty rad!


Weird things you should (not) know about me.

  • I wore braces as an adult.

  • I went my entire 20’s without a driver's license. I am 32 now and have been driving for just a few months.

  • I have an abnormal passion for burritos.

  • I love bikes. I am serious. I ride them a lot.

  • I can't swim. Teach me, please!!!

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