BET : 2D + 3D animation and design for 106 & Park.
Manhattan Born : 2D + 3D animation for a National Geographics show package.
Complex TV : Animating some loose ends and delivering the undelivered.
Brand New School : 2D + 3D animation for a Scotch Brite commercial campaign.
EMEHT : Animation + creative exploration for a Nutrilite brand video.
Lightborne : Brought in to work on various live show projects for artists like Billy Joel and Kate Perry.
The Mill : 2D animation and exploration for a Google Play Pitch.


The Mill : Worked with a small team of designers and animators to produce the show package for the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards!
Brand New School : Animated and delivered spots for JC Pennys.
Red Car : 3D Animation and exploration.
Mr Wonderful : Animated some fun promo spots for Nickelodean.


Mr Wonderful : Was brought in to do some animation for an adult diapers commercial. Yea; that happened.
Manhattan Born : 2d / 3d animation and compositing for various commercial and broadcast projects including the Soul Train Awards, Sephora, VH1 and Centric.
Transistor : Worked in a team to composite a stop motion piece for Monster.com.
Brand New School : 2d / 3d animation and compositing for various commercial and broadcast projects including the DCCC, GE, Vicks, Citi Bank, Budweiser, Optimum, Time Warner Cable and more.
ODD NY : 2d animation + compositing.
Jalbert Productions : Designed and animated 2d / 3d graphics for an Under Armour commercial.
Noble Rot : Worked in a team remotely to animated a broadcast package for TVC Dubai.
Justin Tipping : Designed and animated infographics to accompany a Fantini Commercial documenting humanitarian efforts in Africa.
Lightborne : Worked remotely under the direction of Lightborne to concept and design stage graphics for a live concert.


Mr Wonderful : 3d + 2d animation and compositing for Nickelodean.
Valins and Co : Compositing and animation for various broadcast projects.
Stardust : Style frames for a JCpenny pitch.
Manhattan born : 2d animation + compositing for a Penguin Prison music video.
Trollback : 2d animation + compositing.
Nailgun* : 2d / 3d animation and compositing for various projects such as Wold Series Poker, Kimchi Chronicles, Nickelodean and ESPN.
Viscira : 3d + 2d animation and compositing for pharma.
Axis Origin : Animation and design for cooperate sizzles for companies such as Micrus and Yahoo.


Scraster : Animation for startup.
Sidereel : Art direction and animation for Sidereels online broadcast package.
Paragon Media : Concepted, designed and animated an info graph segment for a full length documentary entitled Genomia.
Red Apple Production : Concepted and animated a promotional video for the release of tapulous's kings of leon iphone game.

SFMOMA : Produced and shot a film that followed a group of teens for a five month period. The film was curated by the SFMOMA and was shown in the SFMOMA during the summer of 2009.
Vimby : Produced, filmed and edited viral content for vimby.com.
First Rule Collective : Art director and event organizer for the San Francisco based bicycle collective First Rule.

Additional Experience
IDN Magazine : I was featured in IDN Magazine issue v20n1. I feel very honored to be amongst the artists chosen for the issue!
Stash Media : quick shout out on Stash!
AE TUTSPLUS : 18 Impressive Freelancer Demo Reels
defgrip : bicycle and design blog showcase
cut and paste : 2nd place in the 2010 cut and paste tournament in san francisco, ca.
bicycle film festival : short film kritsada prathumma was selected to screen in the 2009 bicycle film festival. the film was shown around the world in cities like tokyo, paris, london, sf and many more.
First Rule Collective : Art Directed and organized BMX events in Bangkok, Oakland and San Francisco. Events were designed to be deeply integrated with the roots of the sport. We organized annual events and were eventually asked to host the Bicycle Film Festival Block Party three years in a row in San Francisco, CA.
Lotek Brand : Directed, designed and animated a commercial to promote the release of Lotek's Shreddies.
Zoopa : Concepted, designed and animated a psa for Arizona State University.
Origin 8 : Concepted, designed and animated a commercial to promote Origin 8 bicycles.
The Hive : Concepted, designed and animated a commercial to promote a new line of bicycle hubs.
Timbuk 2 : Designed and animated a commercial to promote timbuk 2's new back back the hemlock.
Bicycle Film Festival : Produced, filmed and edited a short film in bangkok, thailand entitled kritsada prathumma. the film was selected by the bicycle film festival and screened in theaters around the world.
DK Bicycles : Designed and Animated digital assets for DK Bicycles.

Expression College for Digital Arts : Completed a bachelors of applied science in motion graphic design


Available upon request